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Briga GX0313
Last Activity:
10 May 2018 at 7:05 AM
27 January 2018
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March 13
All Arounder (ô.O )7 ??

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Briga GX0313

Consigliere, Male, from Philippines

Pink is Musculine Color ei (--, ) E' (--, ) .m 13 April 2018

Briga GX0313 was last seen:
10 May 2018
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  • About

    March 13
    All Arounder (ô.O )7 ??
    MäTàñG LáWïÑ
    Republika ng Pilipinas!

    Proud to be a Pinoy legit 100% gamer of all devices.. Heres about my games:
    PC; (MMORPGs)
    Perfect World- i spent 9 years play'n this game.
    Grand Chase, Rakion, Tantra, Pristontale PH, Continent of Ninth, RF online, Cabal PH, M.U. PH, Ran online, Ragnarok, Flyff for Fun and World of Warcraft..

    PC; (RPGs)
    Chaos Legion, Devil may Cry 1-4, Hellgate London, Assasin's Creed, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, GTA Vice City and San Andreas..

    PC; (OFPSGs)
    Contract Wars, i forgot the other 3 Lolz..

    PC; (FPSGs)
    Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Black hawk down, Conflict Glibal terror, Medal of Honor (all 3 series), Halo 1-4, Breed, Men of Valor, Counter Strike..

    PC; (O3dPSGs)
    Mercenaries, War Rock, World if Tanks..

    PC; (3dPSGs)
    Solid Snake Eater (both series)

    PC; (Racing)
    Need for Speed (all series), Street Racing Syndicate..

    PC; (Casuals)
    Gun Bound, O²jam, Audition, Gunvarrel..

    PC; (OSGs)
    Heroes of Newhert (HoN), League of Legends (LoL) and DOTA..

    PC; (SGs)
    Red Alert (all series) and Generals Command & Conquer (all series)..

    Play Station;
    Armored Core and Resident Evil 1-4..

    xBox 360;
    Anito; tersiago's wrath - PH folk warrior, Doom 3 and Pariah..

    Game Cube;
    007 Everything or Nothing..

    Sonic and Astro boy..

    Super Mario - i play this since i was a kid..

    Crime Coast, Herobots, SD Gundam, Elements, Star Warfare, Last run, Dead Target and Age of Wind..

    my fav magazines are Gamemaster magz and animé Manggas..
    i also sell high level characters specially P.W's. Chars., i had level 200 wingkin for only 25k Php., PH area only..
    i also pilot games for koreans for P360.00 a day/8hrs..
    and i spent my time watch'n my money at ForEx., (Foriegn Exchange), i might lost all my money if i not put stop loss on it.. real estate money.. well thats what i do for liv'n.. Thats all about me..

    Kayod Pinoy!.,


    Krizzy Brizzy E' (--,' ) .m
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