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Best base design for level 10 mansion and above

Discussion in 'Base Design' started by Toothless>_<, 4 October 2019.

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  1. Toothless>_<

    Toothless>_< Soldier

    3 July 2019
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    Watch this video where I made one of my best bases so far it might look simple to you but damn it is one hell of a base I’m in a war mafia that means I’m getting raided pretty much all the time. A few weeks ago I was in the middle of war and I got raided 4 times that day, I had this base layout that day 3 of the attackers lost and only 1 of them got 100% <—(hate ghost payers ) I will be posting more base designs if I don’t run out of ideas

    Sincerely, Toothless >_<
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