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Global Chat Rules

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by CarlM24, Jan 20, 2017.

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  1. CarlM24

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    Apr 5, 2016
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    Hello Mafiosos,

    We strive to make Global Chat a fun and interesting place for players to meet, find a mafia, make friends, and chat within the game. Our Global Chat is open to all players, and as such, we require our players to behave in a particular way, and abide by all the following global chat rules:

    1. Do not make vulgar, racist or abusive comments towards other players, either directly or indirectly. He/she said something first, does not give you the right to be abusive or nasty back. You will be dealt with in the same way.​

    2. Do not bully other players. This includes singling players out eg. Many players picking on one player.​

    3. Do not try to get around the language filter, it’s there for a reason.​

    4. Do not harass other players.​

    5. No hate speech of any kind.​

    6. No advertising outside games of any sort.​

    7. No spamming – we do not restrict players from promoting their mafia, or recruiting in global. However, once every 30 seconds, approximately, should be enough. Any more than that, and you become a nuisance to other players.​

    These rules are subject to change, and it is your responsibility, as a player, to check back regularly for any rule changes.

    If you would like report a player who is breaking the rules above, please send a screenshot to support@pixelsquad.net, or you can post the screensshots here: https://www.crimecoastforums.com/forums/report-a-player.156/

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