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How to spend your gold poor man guide

Discussion in 'Raid Strategies' started by Zenla, 17 May 2016.

  1. Zenla

    Zenla Guest

    Very sorry to cc team but you know not everyone buys gold so this one is for them to enjoy good game.
    As you might know gold comes from debris around your base and game is fairly generous about it.
    We begin with a not too bad amount of gold(sorry forgot the amount) and your first step should be buying a third building company. It is the most vital purchase for long time playing cc. Now that you have three companies you can improve fairly quickly and find a good mafia clan. Don t spend gold on silly things like cloaking or quickening a build. Right hands are two kinds. Bought with virtual money from raiding or with gold. Game is a bit of bad here because combining even top free hands will not unlock everything. And the main priority is that one of two hands unlocks sally. In human words. If you and the other who watches your back have free right hands then one of you must have basic inspector Jones henchman. Otherwise NO sallies!
    Personally I used Don Bresciani for a long time to posses snipers.
    So one must have basic henchman and the other can have diffrent henchan. Each unlocks diffrent units so discuss which units you need the most.
    NOTE THAT GOLD/MONEY SPENT on henchman is lost when you switch to another. Carefully choose then right hand especially gold one. Few of my clansmen bit... I mean complained about it when they learned about it.
    Now let us talk about optimistic case meaning we find the suc... I mean nice guy willing to buy gold hand.
    Personally I have yakuza(Nobu Taheshita) gold hand and my ally has top free hand Mike Lee. Like this we have every unit unlocked.
    So remember even if your gold hand ally stops playing game it is still worth it to watch his back since he keeps unlocking our units.
    With enough time and not spending gold accidentally(It will probably still happen though) you should save up on your own gold hand or fourth build company. It really all depends on your current allies what you choose. Good luck in saving up gold fellow free players!
    #1 Zenla, 17 May 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: 17 May 2016
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  2. Abomination

    Abomination Guest

    Also, keep in mind. Mike Lee is nearly free in single player mode, if you have the room in your bank. Mike Lee costs 4 million to hire, and his level provides about 3.7 million if I'm not mistaken. So don't do his level until you have the banks space available, AND the extra cash to simply 100 percent his base and hire him IF THAT'S THE HENCHMEN YOU WANT.
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    KÍNG RAMÌZ Guest

    Mike lee and John Reid ::: If u have mike lee. Make sure the one watching ur back have John Reid . And vice versa . It gives to acess to all the goons and cars . :)
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  4. 2mBrick

    2mBrick Guest

    OP, you're a tad wrong there...

    Sally isn't JUST available with IJ. She is also available with any of the gold-costing henchmen (Borislav, Mat, Takeshito, & John)

    If you can avoid using Jones, then do so, is my advice. Odds are, the person watching your back will have him anyway, so it's wasteful, and besides, Sally, although useful, you can live without her.

    Also, if you DO want snipers, really just use Borislav, 'cuz he DOES give you Sally, but also bad blue and cop cars (I say this while using Bresciani, but whatevs)
  5. MuckyMuckMan

    23 June 2016
    Likes Received:
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    Tenacious D
    i got 900+ gold to buy john reid ^_^ the only thing i do is to unlock john reid i already unlock lee ^_^ soon JR ^_^

    tips: to my 3rd account i dont use gold for any building/upgrade... etc. that can use gold... and i dont buy my 3rd builders... im a patient guy ^_^ and i got 200gold for the easter hunt try it
    #5 MuckyMuckMan, 24 June 2016
    Last edited: 24 June 2016
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    MADMAXXXXX Soldier

    28 October 2018
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    Can't get Easter egg gold xd
  7. AnuragDutta

    Best Li'l Raider on the Coast

    10 January 2018
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    Check here -->
  8. Dusky Dark.

    17 August 2017
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    Dusky Dark.
    If you want to be spun out then read here >_<
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