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Idea on forums tournaments

Discussion in 'Crime Coast Forums Discussion' started by izzvenom, 7 November 2018.

  1. izzvenom

    izzvenom Soldier

    29 November 2017
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    :)Hey guys... I feel that forums tournaments should be more organised and heirachichal in organisation.... It's close to this already but I feel that for example a mansion 11 conquest should be broken down into parts in which players with specific attackband defender power range raid each other not just any mansion 11...we all know some mansion 11 players have same power with mansion 8,9..because they didn't upgrade /reasearch increase their power.. So it would be unfair to mix a high power player with a low power player... Obviously, the high power player wins.. This would make tourneys more fun.. It was like this before but I don't know why it changed to mansion only.. Pls I hope u understand me... Thanks :)
  2. AnuragDutta

    Best Li'l Raider on the Coast

    10 January 2018
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    Its simple, those players with low attack but mansion 11 should not join that tourney. Its theur choice, either upgrade or dont take part. Also, there r tourneys for attack ranges and defence ranges as well.

    Also, u posted it in the wrong forum, it should hv been here -->Crime Coast Forums Discussion
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  3. Prince Eric

    Staff Member Community Moderator Crime Coast Wiki Admin

    3 December 2016
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    Prince Eric
    ummm.... we have held tournaments for power level THIS on is for mansion 11. and the description for the tournament even says :


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