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Other List to Demand Improvements

Discussion in 'Crime Coast Discussion' started by Faby, 9 May 2020.

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    Best Raider on the Coast

    29 August 2017
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    What My Perspective about Game now is or maybe I will start from beginning I don't Think This Game was anyone's first choice I mean if not all most of us searched For some Other Game And Our Windows Phone Landed us Here but when I played It Even After Years I sticked With It , I did Took a Very Long Break and Want to Be Back But For What?

    When Was The Last Time We Got Something Interesting That Got Us Chills Maybe The Toucan Update After That Only What We have Added to Game Is Cards bad Cards and More Cards ...
    The Thing That The People Still Playing It Is They Have Spent Their Time Here They have Given a Lot Of Time here...

    Me Myself Downloaded It when I was 14 or 15 Now I am an Adult This Place Has Lots Of memories ...

    But what I think is Developers have Given Up on The Game They No Longer Want This Game to Grow and Just Seeing this Game as some Extra Money That They Get From The People Who Buy Gold...

    I used to Think All Day About This game In School that How Many Raids I have Left How many more Skulls I need to Get That Damn Stone Statue ...

    And This Just Breaks My Heart To see Game Like This .. it's just Like You Lost Your Favorite Toy Half Of my Friends have left many More Will Leave In Due Course Of Time No One Is Here to Play The Game Actually Everyone is Here to Be a Part of The Virtual family We have Made But There will be a Point it will Fall Apart...

    The Mods here are Trying Their best to keep forums Interactive but There are Only a Bunch of People Active Those who don't want the game To die...
    I have myself Logged in Here After 10 weeks but Visited every Single day Every Single Night sometimes There were post 3 days back even a week back..

    And I didn't had a Single Notification Although I logged In after 10 weeks...

    I will write More I know Maybe The Answer will get Edited or Deleted But I will write Until I get banned....

    The Developers need to fix This There's still time I can't let them Steal one of my Most Beautiful memory.
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  2. Faby

    Staff Member Community Manager

    26 May 2016
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    Not many ideas or suggestions were posted.
    Players, unfortunately, didnt understand their power to influence things.
    That's sad.
    Many players are just keyboard warriors.
    Few are real fighters for changes.
    Anyway, im gonna resume all the ideas posted here and send to Pixel.

    Closing the thread.
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