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Discussion in 'Crime Coast Discussion' started by ~jail~, 11 January 2020.


Will this make the gameplay better and fair?

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  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Yes but need some changes .comment below

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  1. ~jail~

    ~jail~ Capo

    15 July 2018
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    So I've been thinking when people whine about showdown or generally ghosts in war that's all they talk about ghosts .there are a myriad other ways they use it to exploit the game but they don't complain cause they use it too.(yeah I'm talking about you whiners who feel like they are justified to whine cause they are not ghost .guess what there are other ways to exploit)
    Before the changes I suggest makes sense these are the ways I've seen wars and showdown being exploited .

    1.people use secondary accounts to lower power and in case of lower level leagues they donate those accounts with a max of perhaps a mansion 4 a level 6+ malicious and a level 6+ nurse and boom that account scores incredibly well cause really thought 2 malicious and a3 nurses is perhaps all it takes for other secondary accounts or generally accounts in hoodlums
    2. I know it's a common thing to do but.. people detach mansion in wars .
    3. People generally keep the most basic level of houses that possibly can to not he considered a ghost ,they would argue hey !! We are not ghosts ..but then how fair do you think it is when a level 11 mansion with 2 level 9 nukes and willy with level 20+ raid a mansion 8 or 9 ?
    4. We don't have enough war leagues to categorize people based on actual power levels instead people just have other small players join there mafia to lower power and stay in a lower league .(when's the last time you've seen another mafia winning j.b excoet for ext@? Same for implacables )

    1. People remain as ghosts for real long just for easy showdown victories.(I know it's the most basic .but.)
    2. People spam raiding in hopes of getting a positive crown since there's no negative crowning .I mean I've seen players raiding (myself ) with 150 sallies nothing but sallies like maybe 8 or 10 times a day and they eventually go up the ladder since even if I put a lot effort when I do raid bail 12 toucans carbombs and use ultimately higher level heroes even then I gain only maybe 20 crowns while he someone who can afford to just drop troops randomly in a base since he can afford the time goes up no tact or skill or even cost .but just for a time killing process .
    3. As I've said spam raids are possible not only because crowns don't go down but also because they can raid unlimitedly ..skill has no value jus if ya can spare the time then you've won SD.
    4. CLASSIFICATION of arenas above 10k+ power I know this is a recurring thing people point out and it's a really big issue cause when's the last time a non-expendable member won ARENA 6?

    Re constructing wars and showdown
    1. Basically we can mansion lock Wars and showdown for a better game play.heres how it works
    #1 league -only mafias that have no other mansion level but 6 and 7 is allowed to participate in this league (the system automatically detects the players and only allows mafias to join when they only have these mansions level players in the war .(once a mafia joins well then no changes can be made to the rooster till war ends )
    #2 league : same as previously said mansion 8 and 9
    #3 league : mansion 10 and 11
    #4 league : mansion 11 and 12 ( basically a mansion 11 player would have the flexibility to join enter a lower level league or higher since mansion 11 is when people have level 6 toucans- and hyenas along with 2 nukes ) so they can battle level 12 mansion on equal footing
    #5 league :13 and 14 level mansion
    #6 league : 14 and 15 mansions (aint much difference in 14 and 15 duh. )
    This way because : basically this way people can war with each other on a even footing and or of same level and people will be encouraged to max out their bases before skipping to next level because whoever have the most maxed out base will have better chances of winning ,so yep more money for pixel people will be more motivated to buy gold for maxing out things or maybe not..)

    Prizes : max capacity to the club possible for mansion level till league 2. Then on I dunno pixel can decide .

    1. Before a season starts there all be a grace period of upto 3 days when people can sign in .and after the three days end there will be no further participation for players in showdown.
    2. Just like war sd too will be categorised by mansion levels
    3. Limited no. Of raids a player can raid another player for a max of only upto 1 time a day.
    4. Negative crowning will be bought back but as before players layout cannot be changed once Sd starts
    5. No loot will be deducted from defender.
    Pls forgive me for any typos .
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  2. HienLviVn

    HienLviVn Soldier

    31 August 2019
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    say whatever you solve the ghosts I support 2 hands..because not only am I happy but a lot of people want this (besides the ghosts)
    Famous ghosts: nick 2174, BFF Bat Ngao, Bff Good, nickcua2174
    they constantly create new mafia to maintain their fraud ..I feel good .. I agree with you
  3. Zhukov

    Zhukov Associate

    19 December 2019
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    Ban negative players from showdown and war. The unfairness between their mansion level and their house made the game no longer fair. I want a change to make the game fairer.
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