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Photo size

Discussion in 'Base Design' started by KHAN, 23 August 2018.

  1. °KHAN°

    °KHAN° Capo

    21 January 2018
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    In today's modern world, hd is left behind. Mostly Full HD picture or even 3D picture is use by. So its takes more size. I request to developer's to increase picture size, so a member can upload real picture without edit it with clear view. Because today i was trying to upload my base layout but i couldn't upload due to large size screenshot picture.

    You're loving member,
  2. GPK007

    Crime Coast Wiki Reviewer

    28 October 2017
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    Screenshots mostly saved in the format of .png which takes more resolution and size matters .

    So, try to change into .jpg format which takes less size than compared .png

    FAQ - Trouble with Photos uploading ? Change the format
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