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Repost CrimeCoast

Discussion in 'Crime Coast Forums Discussion' started by HienLviVn, 3 March 2020.

  1. HienLviVn

    HienLviVn Soldier

    31 August 2019
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    Hello .. it's me ..hienLviVn..today I write another article again today ... the problem today is: "Ghost" ... objectively, players with strong offensive power are not afraid of ghosts. what about us, okay..the default is that if put in the middle of the scale, Ghosts - new players ...i think Crimecoast chose ghosts .. do you think ?? You think it is crazy and time consuming to read this stupid article ... so let me prove it ...
    About 1 month ago, I reposted the S_S_S_R mafia with all 3 accounts..2 forum posts to do ?? betty he said: "I know, please wait and send support email" ... I send, and ... what's more, the S_S_S_R maffia still exists, they still keep fighting and getting top 1 ... I don't know how .. but CrimeCoast is covering S_S_S_R ..i name the mafia that was locked by CrimeCoast: "girlpretty, warr, covid-19, corona virus, ..." yes. do you know what they have in common here? .. all of those mafia are of a group of Vietnamese players..what is it not covered? they set up a mafia a few days was locked .. and a mafia S_S_S_R ?? what do you guys do? Dare not to touch them ... If you don't lock up the mafia then you shouldn't set a 3lv difference rule ... it doesn't make any sense ... let me and everyone turn into monsters. ghost..i will be the one who openly is a ghost.. give up what is called a forum..you guys just watch it..you guys tell us the difference of 3lv will be punished..that only 1 Vietnamese people are fine .. all of them are ... crimeCoast .. the forum does not care !!!
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  2. §¦ ÅÜRØRÅ ¦§

    Staff Member Community Moderator Crime Coast Wiki Moderator

    8 April 2016
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    HienLviVn As we have let you know multiple times already , forums does not handle support issues. We cannot ban or unban ghosts in war. Email support@pixelsquad.net. Thank you.
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    Best Raider on the Coast

    29 August 2017
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    I don't see a Solution for This In Coming Few months or Years....
    It's been a long debatable topic...
    Mail Then They will block...
    Then again make ghosts.....
    I have myself Made many Ghosts in Old times... And I don't see any Possible Way It can be stopped.
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