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Other Show me your SUPERIOR CARD challenge

Discussion in 'Crime Coast Discussion' started by Ðoux h4n4, 11 October 2018.


You wanna do this challenge?

Poll closed 18 October 2018.
  1. Heck yeah!!

    3 vote(s)
  2. Oh hell NO

    2 vote(s)
  1. Ðoux h4n4

    Ðoux h4n4 Soldier

    3 April 2018
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    Ðoux h4n4
    I've been thinking about this challenge for awhile now and I think it would be hella fun if we can do/implement/run it in forum. This challenge simply needs you to upload your screenshot or screen recording when you open your superior crew card and upload in on forums to participate. Players should only upload 1 ss/sr. We then will make a poll for the lucky and unlucky players in each category based on their upload.

    Why you should participate in? Because it would be funny to see which player who gets the most shitty card and which player that is lucky enough to score some legendary or epic cards. If you need more reasons to participate in, just think this challenge as way to boast about your "cool" cards :joy:

    Lol idk if this makes sense but it would be fun to have such challenge in forum where we can enjoy and grow as a community. Peace out
  2. °KHAN°

    °KHAN° Underboss

    21 January 2018
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    Trophy Points:
    I like it, at least gets info, what cards superior gives to all... (Y)
    Ðoux h4n4 likes this.

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